About us

The Italian Glut1 Association onlus (website: www.glut1.it, facebook page: Associazione italiana Glut1), brings together 70 families affected by a very rare neurological pathology, Glut1 Deficiency Syndrome (1000 cases worldwide). Its mission is to support patients and their families, to finance research projects (there is still no cure for this disorder), to facilitate day-to-day management of the syndrome with a particular focus on the ketogenic diet, which is the only treatment known to date for this disease. The Association, thanks to the Politecnico di Milano, with the support of the University of Pavia, developed the Ketonet app and decided to distribute it for FREE: in fact, we strongly believe in sharing knowledge and tools that can facilitate the already complex path for those who are living with a pathology (for themselves or their families) and struggle every day. If you have decided to use the Ketonet app, SUPPORT US with a donation and help us give our patients a future.


Stand alongside us in the fight against Glut1 deficiency!


The app for the management of the Ketogenic Diet